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1. “Softer at the source” is the best solution. With musical instruments this can be achieved by using a mute or a “silent instrument”.

2. Dosage: If you know the grade of sound exposure your activity involves, you can determine the degree of maximum exposure to this noise. Dosage can also be achieved by using sound absorbing materials in the room.

3. Hearing protection should only be used when “softer at the source” and “dosage” don’t work, which can happen more often than you would think. Use proper protection that provides an even noise reduction, so that all frequencies are evenly reduced by the same amount. Examples of this kind of protection are otoplastics with the appropriate attenuation filters and the ZEM.
Hearing loss:
If you are already suffering from hearing loss, then hearing aids can greatly improve your hearing. Surgery can be helpful if you suffer from a damaged ear-drum or damaged ear bones. For some kinds of hearing loss and deafness, bone conduction or a Cochlear implant can offer a solution to hear again. 

Neurological hearing problems:
Hearing problems like tinnitus and hyperacusis usually can’t be cured. The best remedy is to learn to live with them.
*Accepting and letting go – how ever hard this may be – reduces stress and helps relieve the symptoms most successfully.
*Not focusing on the noise, avoiding emotional interpretation and finding some employing distraction are essential in keeping tinnitus and hyperacusis under control.
*Avoid complete silence, for example by using soft background noise.

Reducing Stress:
Physical workout and therapy aimed at good posture and supple movement can help prevent physical stress.

Dealing with psychological stress is not easy. Counselling and cognitive therapy are known to help. Mindfulness Meditation, often used for chronical medical conditions, can offer considerable relief from stress.

Walking in nature is good for the body and mind and in most cases offers a better remedy for depression than medication.


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