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ZEM Headphone
New! Unique combination 'Hearing Protector - Headphones'
Optimal reduction of background noise - listening to details of the music - at a lower volume.

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The ZEM 31 Headphone “The sound is much more tranquil”

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Hearing Protector and Headphones all-in-one...!

Professional and Recreational Use
The ZEM Headphone is the best choice for professional and recreational use.
An alternative to earbuds, inear monitor systems and recording studio headphones. Great for relaxed listening even in the noisiest surroundings (an aeroplane or when the neighbours are building an extension).

Solution for Listening to Music
The combination of the ZEM Hearing Protector and Headphones is unique. Other headphones and earbuds are not able to reduce background noise sufficiently and even tend to enhance lower frequencies. This masks and distorts sounds, which makes it hard for musicians to hear details. Turning up the volume is one solution to reduce the effects of low-frequency-masking, but higher volumes can also cause masking in the inner ear, fatigue and in the long run, hearing damage.
The ZEM Headphone is the solution. The flat attenuation of sound the ZEM achieves is so effective at reducing background noise you can listen at a lower volume and still hear all the necessary details. The ZEM Headphone offers a stress reduction that other headphones can’t provide. For professionals: DJ, studiowork, stage, etc.

Solution for People Suffering from Tinnitus and Hyperacusis *
Tinnitus and hyperacusis sufferers are faced with the dilemma of having to use hearing protection and avoiding silence at the same time. Using only hearing protection can provide too much silence and increase symptoms. The ZEM Headphone is the eagerly awaited solution, solving this problem with optimal protection and the possibility of using soft music or background noises like Free Noise at Oorbewust shop.
* Excessive exposure to damaging noise can lead to hearing impairement, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or hyperacusis (over-sensitive hearing).

Additional ZEM Features: No irritation of the ear canal - No sense of pressure - No sweating around the ears. The ZEM Headphone is lightweight and fits so comfortably into the concha (area right before ear canal opening) you barely notice you are wearing it.

ZEM Headphone - Model 26 and 31
The ZEM Headphone is available in both models. The 26 model provides enables speech intelligibility and recognition of warning signals. With the 31 model communication demands more attention. The 31 model is quieter, making it suitable for the noisiest surroundings or to create silence to enjoy your favourite music.

For more information see ZEM Headphone product information.


ZEM 26 Headphone


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