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Softer Piano
A softer piano that sounds like a grand.


A solution for loud pianos in a living room or small classroom.

The average piano often produces too much sound exposure for the musician playing several hours a day, for his neighbours and certainly for piano tuners who reach their average daily dose of sound exposure after tuning just one piano.
Oorbewust and Ardea (Acoustic Research) conducted research on the Atjoli piano with a Crystal Soundboard, comparing it to conventional pianos with a wooden soundboard.
The Atjoli Crystal Piano produces almost a 6 dB less sound exposure and sounds like a grand.
Good for musical inspiration, great for conserving the musician’s hearing and fantastic for neighbourly relations.

Research Abstract Ardea/Oorbewust – 31 March 2010
‘The sound level and frequency spectrum of a Crystal Soundboard compared to pianos with a conventional wooden soundboard’

Conclusion: Based on the analysis of the sound measurements and recordings, it can be concluded that in comparison playing the Atjoli piano with a glass soundboard the sound exposure will be 5-6 dB(A) lower. This is most noticeable in smaller rooms.
From objective spectral analysis the frequency spectrum of the Atjoli with a glass soundboard is equal to its wooden variant. The subjective experience that the sound is fuller and clearer in its harmonics, is probably due to longer sustaining of the lower frequencies and the auditive component that the lower peak level of the attacks causes less masking of the higher harmonics in the cochlea. Based on the measurements and analysis, the Crystal Sound Board can be a good solution for the prevention and protection of our hearing.

Subjective: The sound of the Atjoli Crystal Piano can be compared to that of the best pianos and grands. The open, clear and rich sound with extra dynamic and sustaining power gives a more defined sound and with that an extra musical dimension. The only downside is that we are used to the traditional impressive piano sound, originating in high sound exposure. If we can overcome this, we make space for a richer sound and more musical beauty, while saving our hearing.

Full research can be obtained from the makers of the Crystal Soundboard.

More information on the Atjoli Crystal Piano.


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