Film - Unheard CRY ('Ongehoord HARD')

Now available with english subtitles.

An 'earopener' creating greater awareness about hearing.

'Unheard CRY' has been made to raise awareness of the painful restrictions and psychological consequenses of the slow or sudden development of hearing damage, whether caused by excessive exposure to music or industrial noise, as a result of illness or caused by the noise of fireworks or other loud noises.

'Unheard CRY' is a documentary about Gaby Kaihatu,a succesful singer and music teacher with a hearing problem. She struggles with tinnitus (ringing of the ears) and hyperacusis (oversensitivity).

The film is about the confrontation of a passionate musician with 'hidden faults', an account of her search, struggle and dilemmas, both at work and in private.

In 30 minutes this incisive film shows the impact hearing damage can have on professional musicians and is interesting for anybody that makes or loves music.

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Made by:
- Ton Panken, scenario, direction and composition
- Hans Troost, editor, concept and research
- Joke van Unen, editor and title design
- Johan van Kempen, editor and producer

Technical Team:
- Ralph de Lange, camera
- Eugène de Groot, sound
- Harald van de Sanden, montage

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